Testing and Home Education

Did you know that in North Carolina home schools are required to test annually with a standardized test? This means you do not have to administer an end of grade test and you do not have to test in the spring! This freedom allows for many choices for the individual homeschool. The type of test, the timing and location are all up to the homeschool parent, so long as it follows the guidelines set forth by NC homeschool law. Read more about guidelines for testing at NC Division of Nonpublic Education website. Other tests of interest to home educating families include college preparatory tests. These are not normally considered replacements for standardized testing, since many are aptitude tests. However, the ACT has been approved by the NC Division of Nonpublic Education, according to North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE), to serve as an annual standardized test.

The PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, CLEP and other college entry, placement or preparatory tests are often sought by home educating families beginning in the high school years but finding them can seem daunting. NCHE has prepared a list describing the tests most often sought and where to begin. The College Board also has more information on many high school tests. Your local high school may or may not allow entry for homeschoolers to these exams but not to worry. Other area schools, or even testing centers,are often friendly and even welcoming to home educated students so do not be discouraged if your local school has policies against allowing outside students to attend the exam. With your local support group, veteran homeschool parents and support from organizations like NCHE, you can navigate testing questions without the anxiety you might expect. 

Have a HAPPY homeschool week!