Field Trips

Throughout the year, we organize parent-led field trips, some educational and some just for fun!  

 If you would like to organize a field trip, let us know!
Fall 2017 events
*Biltmore Homeschool Festival 9/22
*Ripley's Science Class and Lab 10/18
*Asheville! Diana Wortham Theater and Urban Trail 10/27
Upcoming: Hike, Fire Station, and possibly Alpaca Farm

JANUARY 12th is HOMESCHOOL DAY at the Fun Factory in Franklin!!!!

Upcoming Field Trips

Trampoline Park- Ages 6-11


We will meet at Launch Trampoline Park in Ashevlle at 6pm for dodgeball!  This time is for the younger kids, ages 6-11.  The older kids will have their turn at 8pm!

Trampoline Park - Ages 12 & Up


We will meet at Launch Trampoline Park in Ashevlle at 8pm!  This time is for the older kids, ages 12 and up.  The younger kids will meet at 6pm!

Wonder Works Field Trip




Minimum of 8 attendees.

$11.85 per ticket for student and teacher (includes taxes and fees). 

All RSVP and payments are due 1 week in advance on 9/23. 

If you just want to meet in the parking lot at Wonderworks, be there by 12:15. I will go in and get tickets, find out what to do when we get there. If you are not wirh us when we enter, you may not be able to get in.  Please make every effort to arrive by 12:15. 


Darnell Farms

Taylor has us set up for a field trip to Darnell Farms on Monday, October 10th at 10:30am!

Fun Factory Homeschool Day Group Trip

The Fun Factory of Franklin has a special Friday deal for homeschoolers several times each year! This Friday, February 3rd, we have a chance to go together as a group to the Factory to enjoy the arcade, jump factory and more. 

For more information about the Fun Factory Homeschool Days and rates, please visit this link